1. the name and domicile of the association

The name is Wise Nose – Finland Smell Detection Association  and its registered office is in Mäntsälä.

2. Purpose and type of activity

The association’s purpose is to maintain the separation of the smell of skills and the promotion among its members, promotion of the odour separation of work and the exploitation of the world.

To fulfil its purpose, the association organizes smell detection related to education, information, education and training opportunities, as well as shows.

To support its activities, the association can receive donations and legacies, owns necessary for its operations immovable property and to implement the relevant license after raffles and fund-raisings.

3. Members

Joining a support member may be associated with anyone who accepts the purpose and rules of the association. Regular membership may be accepted as a person, which approves the application by the board. Honorary members may approve persons to a unanimous decision of the Board of Directors.

4. Resignation and dismissal

A member has the right to resign from the association by written notification to the Board of Directors or its chairman, or by announcing a meeting of the association on the record. The Board of Directors may expel a member if the member has left his overdue membership payment unpaid or otherwise failed to fulfil the obligations to which he is joining the association committed or is conduct of an association or outside it significantly harmed the association or no longer complies with the law or the rules of the association the terms of membership.

5. Entry and membership fee

The deceased members of the enrollment fee and annual membership fee amount is determined by the annual meeting..

6. The Board of Directors

The association is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of a chairman and 3-5 other members. Their term of office is the period between annual meetings. The Board of Directors elects from among its Vice Chairman as well as having among its members or from outside the secretary, treasurer and other necessary officials. The Board of Directors convened by the Chairman or, in his absence by the Vice Chairman, when they consider it necessary or when at least half of the board members demand it. The Board of Directors shall have a quorum when at least half of its members, including the Chairman or Vice-Chairman is present. Votes are decided by an absolute majority of votes. If the votes are equal, the Chairman’s vote, in elections however, a lottery.

7. Writing the name of association

The association’s name is signed by the chairman or the secretary of each alone, or the Board of Directors Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, together with the member.

8. Accounting period and operation inspection

The fiscal year is the calendar year. Closing of the accounts and the annual report shall allow operators to inspectors later than one month before the annual meeting. Activities of inspectors must give their written opinion no later than two weeks before the annual meeting of the Board of Directors.

9. Meetings of the Association

The association’s annual meeting is held annually by the Board of Directors in January-May. An extraordinary meeting will be held when the association meeting so decides or if the Board deems it necessary or when at least one tenth (1/10) of the voting members of the board for a special written request. The meeting must be held within thirty days after the demand has been presented to the board.

In meetings, each regular member has one vote. Decision of the meeting will be, unless otherwise provided in the rules, the opinion which is supported by more than half of the votes cast. If the votes are equal, the chairman of the meeting, in elections however, a lottery.

10. The convening of meetings of the association

The Board is an association meeting at least seven days prior to the meeting posted to the members of the letters or e-mail.

11. Annual Meeting

The association’s annual meeting, the following matters:

  1. Opening of the meeting
  2. Selection of the chairman, secretary, two examiners of the minutes and, if necessary, two tellers
  3. The legality and quorum of the meeting
  4. Accepted rules of procedure of the Conference
  5. The financial statements, annual report and the auditors opinion on the operation
  6. Adoption of the annual accounts and the discharge to the Board of Directors and other accountable
  7. Establishes an action plan, income and expenditure, as well as the connection and the amount of the membership fee
  8. Elected Chairman of the Board and other members
  9. Elected one or two operations inspectors and deputy inspectors operations
  10. Discussion of other matters on the agenda

If a member wants to get an item to the meeting, he must inform the board in writing well in advance so that the matter can be included in the notice of meeting.

12. Amendment of the statutes and dissolution of the association

The decision to change the rules and the dissolution of the association at the meeting must be made at least three-fourths (3/4) of the votes cast. The notice shall state to amend the rules or dissolve the association. Liquidation of the association funds are used to promote the purpose of the association to decide the dissolution of the meeting may direct. The association is suppressed the assets for the same purpose.