Smell Detection

The smell of separation is an educational method in which the dog is taught to identify the odour from all other odours.

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The dog’s sense of smell

The dog is capable of detecting extremely attenuated olfactory stimuli, to differentiate them and to recognize them after many years.

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Mould dogs

Mould search dogs are able to distinguish the clean from mouldy building material, which makes it easier to do with the smell of points for further research.

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Identifying diseases

Dogs can be trained to recognize the smell of the changes that are associated with certain medical events. For example, cancer cells leave tiny amounts of volatile substances that dogs learn to recognize.

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The new multidisciplinary research in 2015

A co-operation agreement signed at the end of 2014 makes it possible to carry out research in Finland at various diseases of dogs smell resolution. Research is carried out in cooperation with the University of Helsinki Department of Equine and Small Animal Veterinary Teaching Hospital and the Department of the University, HUS cancer clinic,University of Eastern Finland, as well as with the Finnish Association Odour separation.

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